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We promote robust education for international students and continuous professional development for professionals. Global Elite Educational Consultancy Discover More We develop and facilitate training programmes for academics and industry professionals in the area of research skills AT GEEC, Discover More

Global Elite Educational Consultancy (GEEC)

An educational consultancy and recruitment agency for African students wishing to study in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and China. We work directly with institutions in the UK to recruit quality students wishing to obtain their higher education qualifications from the UK or the US.

We also work with training institutions in the UK to develop and deliver Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses to equip professionals with the current skills, knowledge and capabilities required to be experts in their various disciplines. We also offer train-the-trainer programs with the view that participants can transfer the knowledge gained to members of their respective organisations.


We provide comprehensive support

Our promise is to make the study-abroad process and overall educational experience stress-free and exciting for students and professionals looking to take that academic and CPD to leap into a great success.

We will guide you through the process of finding the right school for your higher education and all application processes needed to get there.
We provide counselling & support to students who may be struggling academically. We help them stay motivated throughout their academic journey.
From learning about campus life to understanding how to join a society through the student union. We will guide you through each step.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

We conduct bespoke training courses and skill development programmes for professionals seeking to build their skills in their field, tailored to their context and desired to learn outcomes. We partner with institutions in both the UK and Nigeria.


I used GEEC in 2016 when I was about to enrol for my foundation program at INTO QUEENS University Belfast and in 2017, when I was about to start my law degree at Queens University Belfast. The process only lasted 2-3 months. GEEC made my whole admission process easier and quicker because of all the information that was provided for me on the things I needed to do or the requirements I had to meet.


Communicating with GEEC was excellent as all my questions were responded to quickly due to the direct link GEEC had with Queen’s University Belfast. I will recommend GEEC to all students who are trying to enter into universities or colleges because it removes the burden of not knowing what to do as a new student entering into the university, thus, making admission processes easier.


GEECWhy choose us

Your success begins with us
GEEC is made up of a team of education management experts with extensive expertise of the UK educational system

GEEC is made up of a team of education management experts with extensive expertise of the UK educational system. Our experts are highly qualified and have studied in Russell Group universities (best research universities) in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, at the foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We also work in partnership with some academics in the UK in order to provide potential students with current pedagogy in assessment and learning. Therefore, students can rest assured of real-time and factual information for a successful learning experience.

We will guide and assist potential students through the course selection process, provide information to help students choose suitable universities for their course, assist with the application process, advice on the visa application process and choice of accommodation.  As a separate service, we provide guardianship services to students during their studies abroad. GEEC promises to make the study-abroad process and overall experience stress-free and exciting.

We develop and facilitate soft skills training workshops for academics and industry professionals to support continuous professional development. We work with other training firms in Nigeria and experts in the UK to ensure delivery of current knowledge and best practices.

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