Global Elite Educational Consultancy
Global Elite Educational Consultancy

Welcome to the GEEC

An educational counselling and recruitment agency for African students wishing to study in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and China.
We work directly with some institutions in the UK to recruit quality students wishing to pursue their academic career in the UK. We also work with some training institutions in the UK to develop and deliver continuous professional development (CPD) courses to equip professionals with the current skills, knowledge and capabilities required to be experts in their various disciplines.

Who we are

We counsel and recruit Nigerian students for study in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, and the United States through our affiliation with INTO University Partnerships. This partnership allows recruited international students to choose from a wider range of UK, US and China universities.

We provide a unique perspective of life in the UK with comprehensive support throughout the application process and ensure extensive guidance is tailored to each student for a successful academic journey abroad.

What We Do


We will guide and assist potential students through the course selection process, provide information to help students choose suitable universities for their course, assist with the application process, advise on the visa application process and choice of accommodation. Our services also include guardianship services to students during the course of their study abroad.

We develop and facilitate soft skills training workshops for academics and industry professionals to support continuous professional development. We work with other training firms in Nigeria and experts in the UK to ensure the delivery of current knowledge and best practices. Our experts are highly qualified and have studied in Russell Group universities (best research universities) in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, at the foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. We also work in partnership with some academics in the UK to provide potential students with current pedagogy in teaching and learning. Students can rest assured of real-time information for a successful learning experience.
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