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With a 15 years’ experience of counselling, recruiting and managing Nigerian students in universities and educational establishments in the UK, the services we have rendered and continue to provide to students include:

Through our partnership with several schools in the Uk, we can guide you through the process of finding the right school for your higher education and all application processes needed to get there.
We provide bespoke counselling and support to students who may be struggling academically...
From learning about the campus life in the first few weeks of arriving, to university events such as freshers week, understanding how to join a society through your student union to find out about your school’s health centre and GP.
We conduct bespoke training courses and skill development programmes for professionals seeking to build their skills in their field, tailored to their context and desired learning outcomes.
Whether you need IELTS, TOEIC or TOEFL for university, Cambridge English qualifications or are looking to pass your OET, our exam preparation courses are tailored to give you the skills you need to take your exam with confidence.

What Our Student Saying

I used GEEC in 2016 when I was about to enrol for my foundation program at INTO QUEENS University Belfast and in 2017, when I was about to start my law degree at Queens University Belfast. The process only lasted 2-3 months. GEEC made my whole admission process easier and quicker because of all the information that was provided for me on the things I needed to do or the requirements I had to meet.


Communicating with GEEC was excellent as all my questions were responded to quickly due to the direct link GEEC had with Queen’s University Belfast. I will recommend GEEC to all students who are trying to enter into universities or colleges because it removes the burden of not knowing what to do as a new student entering into the university, thus, making admission processes easier.

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